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One player from every teamAlec Martinez, Los Angeles Kings

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Joe Colborne


when u get in the shower without taking off your eye makeup and come out looking like anze kopitar :////

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boys. boys are always the problem.

if you don’t have ryan acting like a 12 year old girl with insecurity and jealousy issues then it’s cole being the most hot and cold, wishy washy person in the world and if it’s not him being a moron then it’s geoff telling you he wants to fuck you from halfway across the country.


Or it’s Cody telling you he wants to date you and have every single part of you then ignoring you when you’re finally ready to give him a shot. Or it’s Kyle crawling back in to your life time after time, or Luke who doesn’t have time for a girlfriend but still is the boy you fight for. Idk boys suck

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how i feel right now